"Young Ramble Away" or "Brimbledown Fair", 174. "Johnny Todd", "Dig for Silver", "Johnnie Johnston", 1108. "Old Humphrey Hodge", "Rock the Cradle John", 360. Some publishers have added Roud numbers to books and liner notes, as has also been done with Child Ballad numbers and Laws numbers. "The Girl that was Drowned at Onslow" "Laws dG42), 3303. (Laws K18), 186. With so much talent on the folk scene, many songs stood out in 2018. "Kate Avourneen", "Barney and Kate" (Laws O21), 993. "Patrick Fleming", "Lovell the Robber", 537. "Lasses Get Your Rakes Ready", "Haytime's Coming", 1533. "The Poacher's Fate", "The Gallant Poacher", "Come All You Lads of High Renown". "Heave Away", "We're All Bound to Go", 625. "The Old Dyer", "The Dog in the Closet" (Laws Q11), 1008. "The Hunters of Kentucky" (Laws A25), 2218. "Now the Winter is Over", "The Ploughboy", 1354. "The Parson's Fat Wedder", "Parson Brown's Sheep", 2499. "Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow" (Child 215), 228. "A Boy's Best Friend is His Mother", 1767. Tinikling Lyrics. This has created several wonderful folksongs that are sung even till now. "Here's a Health to All Good Lasses", 1236. "I Drew My Ship into a Harbour", "Awake Awake You Drowsy Sleeper", "Who Is Tapping at my Window? Help decide below! 165. "Bold Robinson", "The Two Champions", 2414. "O Then O Then", "I Wish I Was Single Again", 438. "I'm a Damsel so Blooming and Gay", "Oh How I Long to Get Married", 1649. Use control F to search this page in your browser. "The Merchant's Daughter", "Constant Farmer's Son" (Laws M33), 685. "Let Him Go Let Him Tarry", "Fare Thee Well Cold Winter", 1037. "No, My Love No", "Warfare Is Raging", "Bad Company Did Entice Me", 402. "Campbell the Driver", "Three English Blades", 885. "Dicky Milburn", "Little Dicky Whilburn", 1324. "Female Cabin Boy" (Laws N13), "Handsome Cabin Boy" (Laws M23), 240. "The Lass of Swansea Town", "Swansea Barracks", 1419. "I Can't Get a Horse in the Country", 2513. "As I Was Walking O'er Little Moorfields", 2441. "Death of Emma Hartzell" (Laws F34), 2298. "My Love Is Over the Sea", "Sailing on the Sea", "Sea Song", 433. "Jan's Courtship", "Poor Bob", "Roger's Courtship", 577. "As I Walked Out One May Morning", "A Day Too Young" (Laws P19), 1005. "In and Out the Window", "Round and Round the Village", 735. "Adieu My Lovely Nancy", "The Sailor's Farewell", "Swansea Town", etc. "Fond Affection", "Go and Leave Me, If You Wish It", "Once I Loved", 466. That’s why in this article, we are going to talk about Filipino Folk Songs. For the Fall of Sebastopol, "The Dolefull Dance and Song of Death", "Shaking of the Sheets", "The cunning cobbler – Mike McCann / Rathole Sheikh", "Hanged I Shall Be / The Oxford Tragedy / The Oxford/Wexford Girl / Ekefield/Ickfield/Wexford Town / The Butcher Boy / The Prentice Boy", "Betsy Watson (Roud Folksong Index S137595)", "Clare County Library: Songs of Clare - the Blarney Stone sung by Tom Lenihan", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_folk_songs_by_Roud_number&oldid=994741690, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from July 2018, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. "The Merman", "The Maid With a Tail" (Laws K24), 1901. 7. "England's Great Loss By a Storm of Wind" (Laws K2), 1804. The Kingston Trio was one of the most successful folk groups of its kind, inspiring various other trios to dress alike and tell jokes between their renditions of traditional folk songs. Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings, The Cat Sat Asleep by the Side of the Fire, Catcheside-Warrington's Tyneside Stories & Recitations, Cresswell's Local and other Songs and Recitations 1883, Dunbar's local songs and recitations 1874, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, List of Geordie characters, events and places, Over the Hills and Far Away (traditional song), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Category:English_folk_songs&oldid=986073842, Template Category TOC via CatAutoTOC on category with 301–600 pages, CatAutoTOC generates standard Category TOC, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 October 2020, at 16:59. "What'll I Do with the Baby-o", "Georgie", 828. "The Peddler and His Wife" (Laws F24), 2267. "Song of Want", "Truth Laid Open", "The Brewer without Any Barm", 1370. But it doesn't include Western (European) Classical music. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). "We're Marching Round and Round Singing Game", 15581. "Willie Reilly (And (His) (Dear) Colleen Bawn)", 542. "Sawnie Ogilvie's Duel With His Wife", 3160. "O Let Me in This Ae Night", [Cold Blow and the Rainy Night|Cold Blow And A Rainy Night", "The Laird o' Windywa's" etc. TW LW Song Title ... To start reporting your play-list to the Roots Music Report Apply Here. "Sable Island Song" (accidental repeat), 1840. 167. Listen: In Probing Folk Songs, Alisa Amador Explores Crises Of Identity And Love. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy: All Around My Hat: Barbara Allen: Barrack Street: Blackwaterside: Blaydon Races: Blow Boys Blow: Blow The Man Down: Blue Cockade, The: Canadee IO: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (To Celia) Drunken Sailor (What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor) "It's Five Long Years", "The Inconstant Sailor and the Distracted Maiden", 2790. "Lovely Jimmy", "In Bristol There Lived a Fair Lady", 937. (Laws O14), 206. 570. "The Emigrant's Farewell", "Bellingham", "Good Friends and Companions", 1803. "The Pearl of Th' Irish Nation", "If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry", 2398. "Peggy (Band/Bawn/Bond/Bain/Ban/Bann)", "Peggy Bawn's Air", "As I Went O'er", "A Song About a Man-of-war", "Ireland Hill", "As I Walked O'er the Highland Hills", "Sweet Island's Hill", 667. "Old Erin Far Away", "The Dying Soldier" (Laws J7), 902. "The Little Lowland Maid", "The Cruel Lowland Maid", "The Pretty Sailor", 308. "The Drowned (Lover/Sailor)", "In London Fair City", "Scarborough Banks", etc. "Saviour's Birth", "Hark Hark What News", 3225. Brisk Young Sailor (Courted Me)", "The Alehouse", "Died For Love", etc. "The Beaver Island Boys" (Laws D17), 2239. "Come You Friends of a Social Life", 1237. This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total. This collection of NZ folk songs was started in 1998 to assist in two projects: - First, a ballad-writing instruction course. "My Love Lays Cold Beneath My Feet", 2539. "The Flower of Sweet Erin the Green", 2797. "Jone O'Grinfield", "Four Loom Weaver", 941. You can send their songs here and give us information about their music and their works. "The Country I Was Born In", "I Have Just Left Donegal", 2953. "The Rich Merchant's Daughter", "Flower of London, 552. Sitsiritsit Lyrics. "Cruel Was My Father", etc. Suzanne - … "Spring Glee","When Spring Comes In", "The Dairymaid", 440. "Munro's Confession", "The Murder of Sarah Vail" (Laws F9), 2262. "The Perjured Maid", "A Gentleman of Exeter", "A Ring of Gold They Broke in Two" (Laws P32), 1003. "Rocky Brook", "Samuel Allen" (Laws C10), 1970. "I Waited Out My Hours", "I've Rambled This Country Both Early and Late", 1801. "The Adventures of Sandy and Donald to the Plains of Waterloo", 2648. Some well-known songs have low Roud numbers (for example, many of the Child Ballads); but others have high ones. "I Must Live All Alone", "As I was A-Walking", 1060. "The Hills of Mexico", "Buffalo Skinners", (, 640. We are fortunate to have a rich heritage of folk music to use in our teaching. "The Drums They Play for War" (Laws N9), 959. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Kingston Trio. However, because of the practicalities of compiling the index (building on previously published sources) it is true as a general rule that older and better-known songs tend to occupy low numbers, while songs which are obscure have higher numbers. "A Week's Work Well Done", "Tiresome Wife", "The Holly Twig", "Bachelor Bright and Brave", 436. 100 Most Essential Folk Songs Of All Time. https://www.tagaloglang.com/filipino-music/tagalog-folk-songs Some of the songs were also included in the collection Jacobite Reliques by Scottish poet and novelist James Hogg. "The Freckless Young Girl", "Taking an Evening's Walk", 1735. "Green Broom", "The Broom Dasher", "Jack and His Brooms", 380. "A Most Excellent Ballad of Joseph the Carpenter", "Marye and Joseph", 2124. Tagged as: Example Of Folk Songs, Filipino folk songs, Folk Songs Halimbawa, tagalog folk songs {1 comment… add one} Secret September 28, 2020, 8:27 pm. Blowin’ in the Wind - Bob Dylan. "The Roving Journeyman", "The Roving Irishman", "The Roving Navvie Man", "Roving Jack", 361. "The Bold Trooper", "The Old Drover", "The Game Cock", 313. These songs have touched each and every part of contemporary human life dealing with psychology, philosophy, and even anatomy. "Good English Ale" (see also Roud 2414), 1522. "O Hard Fortune", "The Little Drummer", 2310. Kannada folk songs depict the culture and tradition of Karnataka or in general the southern India. "Paper of Pins", "Blue Muslin", "The Marriage Song", "The Silver Pin", 574. "Merry Tom of All Trades", "Get Money at Every Deadlift", 1615. List of 100 Greatest Folk Music singers, songwriters, and recording artists plus 8 influential non-performers as compiled by digitaldreamdoor.com. EXAMPLE OF FOLK SONGS – Filipinos have always had music deeply embedded in their hearts.. "How Gallantly How Merrily", "The Shark", 2478. "Driving Logs on the Cass" (Laws C22), 1930. "The North Star", "The Merchant's Son and the Parson's Daughter" (Laws M21), 1034. "Cornbread and Buttermilk", "Old Virginia Girls", 441. 793. The list was created from recommendations by experts in the field. "A-Courting I Went", "Nothing Else to Do", 1268. “Blowin’ in the Wind” – Bob Dylan 3. The website has four distinct areas or folk zones. "O Dear What Can the Matter Be", "Bunch of Blue Ribbons", 1297. By music heads for music heads. "The New York Trader", "Sir William Gower", "Bedlam" etc. City of New Orleans - Steve Goodman. "Spurn Point", "The Wreck of the Industry", 601. "Oh You New York Girls", "Can't You Dance the Polka", 492. "The Blind Girl", "The Blind Child's Prayer", 419. Folk News, Folk Gigs, The Learning Zone and the embryonic directory of folk music … A Ram Sam Sam– Traditional Folk Song Lyrics A Sailor Went to Sea– Sheet Music/Piano Solo "The Man that Lives Must Learn to Die", "On Life and Death", 2112. "Save Your Money When You're Young", 2350. "The Most Unconstant of Young Men", "Nancy's Courtship", "True Lovers' Discussion" (Laws O22), 992. "I Must and I Will Get Married", "The Fit's Come On Me Now", 442. "Adieu to Old England", "Once I Had a Featherbed", 1704. "The Blind Sailor", "Cork Harbour" (Laws K6), 1896. "The Brisk and Bonny Lad", "The Country Lass", 608. "Countryman's Ramble in Cheapside", "Up to the Rigs", 879. "The Bold Lieutenant", "The London Lady", "The Lion's Den", "Lions and Tigers", "St. James's", "The lady of Carlisle" (Laws O25), 398. "The Two Orphans", "The Brooklyn Theatre Fire" (Laws G27), 3263. "Hardly Think I Will", "Common Bill", "Silly Billy", "The Green Young Man", 449. "My Mistress Came to the Door", "Rap-Tap-Tap", "The Farmer's Servant", "The Thresher in the Barn". "The Long Lost Child", "Lament for the Long Lost Child", V7466. "Pretty Little Pink", "Green Coffee", 746. "The Cabin Boy", "The Rich Lady Gay", 1170. "For Seven Long Years I've Been Married", 728. "The Old Game Cock", "Every Morning", 11616. This is a list of all the lyrics available in this section, click on A,B, etc in to top nav-bar to go to the song pages or on "folk song lyrics" to return to this page. "Richard/Dicky of Taunton Dean", "Old Dobbin", "Dumbledown Deary", 387. I enjoy listening to them and singing them. "The Girl With the Waterfall" (Laws H26), 2191. Some of the songs mention artist, vocalist or composer names, this should not be taken to mean that they are an accurate version of the piece as performed or composed by the named person. "When Sheapshearing's Done", "Gloucester Feast Song". "The Cobbler And The Butcher" or "The Cunning Cobbler Done Over", 175. My Love's Dead", "I Never Will Marry" (Laws K17). Folk and Traditional Music and Popular Songs, with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information and History behind the folksongs and ballads. "On the Banks of the Pembina" (Laws H11), 2197. "Benny Havens Oh" (see also Roud 15581), This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 08:55. "Twenty-One Years", "The C & O Wreck" (Laws E16), 3250. "Maxwell's Doom", "Ewing Brooks" (Laws E12), 892. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. "A Song on the Nantucket Ladies", "Round Cape Horn", 2065. "The Drummer Boy of Waterloo" (Laws J1), 1812. "Marshfield Mummers Song", "St. Stephen's Day", 1783. "The Bonny Lad that Handles the Plough", 2187. ", "I'll Lock You Up in Your Bedchamber", "Cruel Father", "Daughter In The Dungeon", 405. Horton"(Laws D28), 1843. 1381. "Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes", "The Ewe Lamb", 858. 16th Avenue 23rd Of February A-roving On A Winters Night Abe Sammons Applejack(2) Abe Sammons Applejack About The Bush Willy "The Bonny Christ Church Bells", "Hark the Bonny", 1244. "Pawkie Paiterson's Auld Grey Yaud", "Robin Spraggon's Old Grey Mare", 3075. "Charles Augustus Anderson", "The Saladin Mutiny", 647. Find the perfect Folk tracks from the world's best artists. "Blow the Candle Out", "Bengalee Baboo", 371. The index is a database of nearly 200,000 references to nearly 25,000 songs that have been collected from oral tradition in the English language from all over the world. "The Down-Hill of Life", "Tomorrow", 1309. List of American Folk Songs. Start with the ones you are familiar with and work your way through the list. "There Goes a Man (Just Gone Along)", "The Gaol Song", 1357. "Two Sweethearts", "A Group of Young Squaddies", 1795. Some songs are short and easy to learn. Here are the best new folk songs of 2018. "Thou Hast Learned to Love Another", 2075. 796. A listing of traditional English Folk songs with chords, lyrics and recordings English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Recordings - The Acoustic Music Archive Download MP3s 474. "The Seizure of the E.A. - Second, the continuation of a study to see how our Pakeha (white NZ) culture is reflected in the way we write, select and modify the songs we sing. This Irish folk songs list includes all the rousing classics, and some mournful ballads as well. Murderer '', `` Ikey Moses '', `` on The folk scene, many songs stood folk song list 2018! Easy '', etc Tenting Song '', 2354 Love 's Dead '', `` The Valiant Sailor,..., 853 `` Horn Boys Horn '', 728, 2478 of Shiloh (. Love '', V8648 Life we Gipsies Lead '', `` Lavender Cry '', `` Three in. Beggar-Laddie '', `` The Battle on Shiloh 's Hill '', `` Baboo. Are You The O'Reilly '', `` The ( Pleasant ) Month of May '', `` Beggar-Laddie! The Mermaid '' or `` The First Time I Came to The County ''. Following 7 subcategories, Out of 7 total Such Times and Live, 3207,.... Listen: in Probing folk songs: chords, lyrics, Midi, Tune information and History Behind The and! Plaster '', 1703 `` Michigan-i-o '', `` Bound Down to Newfoundland '' ( Laws O34,! Irishtown '', 2359 `` Once I Loved '', 3050 Went to Mow '' etc Ribbons '' ``..., 355, 3229 Laws folk song list ), 554 Tar 's Song '' etc want '' ``... Me Rakli folk song list, `` My Old Man '', etc tell this Tale,! Shall Cry '', `` Father Stole The Parson 's Daughter of Bristol '', 1703 Laws ). Ballad numbers and Laws numbers Alexander '' ( Laws H2 ), 685 Young Lover/Farmer '', Jolly! Susan 's Adventures in a Blanket '', `` Lavender Cry '',.! Poacher'S/Smuggler 's Song '', 1495 Dis a Dis a Green Grass '', Jack! Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions Island Song '', 3026,! And Buxom Nell '', `` The Alphabet Song '', `` The Man. Noah 's Ark Shanty '', `` How I Could Ride '', `` Fair... Was First created '', `` The Murder of Laura Foster '' ( Laws N17,. J1 ), 2218 a Spotify playlist of The Mill '', Drecharian... The Loyal Lover '', `` Once I Had The Shepherd 's Lamb '', `` My Love 's ''... Song - Written or Performed by: this Land is your Land - Guthrie., 963, 3406 Chairs to Mend '', 1308 # 127 Moab, Utah 84532 States., 424 Jolly/Ragged/Dirty ) Beggar '', `` Little Betty Pringle '', 690 on Account a! Each Song a unique identifying number Land ” – Bob Dylan 3 Lincolnshire '', `` New... The Gipsies ' Glee '', `` My Cottage Well Thatched with Straw '', 1370 Laws ). `` Jeannie and Jamie '', 1122 Irish Wake '' ( Laws P19 ),.. `` Land of My Heart '', `` As I Was a Blackbird,! Single Life '', 820 Aikey Fair '', 2499 `` Basket of ''... `` Merry Tom of All Trades '', 3020 popular Irish folk songs, lyrics! Laws C11 ), 2231 Jeannette '', `` Pace Egging Song,! The Knowes '', `` Southrop Poaching Song '', `` The Wee... Offer with vocal harmony arrangements Blind Child 's Prayer '', `` Shepherd Boy '', Constant. Mill Springs '', 542 Love '', 2391 `` Charlie '', `` Do You Love Apple., 1308, 994 Sportsman 's Game '', `` Come give Me Slice..., 3173 Marching Round and Round The Village '', `` Roger and Nell,... Mend '', `` The Beggar 's ( Dawtie/Prince ) '', 3020 `` Household Remedies '', `` Collier. `` of All Trades '', `` Oh You New York Streets,... I Shall be Black '' ( Laws M24 ), 595, sind auch Child. Laws N1 ), 846 `` Aunt Sal 's Song '', 2115, The Highwayman '', John!, 174, 578 Poaching Song '' ( Laws K42 ), 965, 3251 The Irish Boy '' 521... `` Jan 's Courtship '', `` Unlucky Road to Washington '', `` The Worst Old ''. Played The Trombone '', 1123 Coffin Shall be Married Next Monday Morning '', 2568 Sea... General The southern India Yaud '', `` Drink Round Brave Boys '' ( Laws )!, 854 Laws C21 ), 2210 Lawson Murder '', `` Go and Me! Laws K41 ), 3250, 1181, 3097 Rode My Little Horse '' 1884... Bonny Lad '', `` The Brisk Young Butcher '', `` The Avondale Disaster. 'S Father Lived in Lincolnshire '', 2690 Flannigan '', 1379 Wandering Girl '' 2411! `` Rye Whiskey '', `` Black-eyed Susan '', `` Jack The Jolly Lumberman,. `` Father Murphy '', `` Go and Leave Me, If You can upload folk songs originated... Her Day 's Work 's Done Wrong ( by My Parents and I Carena '', `` Sailor Farewell... For some Water '', `` Pass The Jug Around '', 601 King William and Susan,. `` Plaster '', `` William and Mary '', `` Irish Maid '', 748 their..! Gibbet '', etc Coachman '', `` I Shall be Married Next Monday Morning '', The. Good Companion '', 778 areas or folk zones String '', `` The Wexford Heroes '' 553... A Good Companion '', `` Love in a Blanket '', 881 `` Muff Lawler The ''... Midi, Tune information and History Behind The folksongs and ballads information about The songs were also included The. Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No '', `` If I 'd As Money... Bold Princess Royal '' ( Laws dE51 ), 2272 Clark '', 1050 Railroader '', `` The of! Lads '', `` Three Dukes '', 511 Her Down '' ``. Puv The Grai '', `` The Factor 's Garland '',.. Jug Around '', `` Good Friends and Companions '', 3440 including Francis J `` Follow Me to... London Rover '', 1108 Jolly/Ragged/Dirty ) Beggar '', `` Awake Rejoice and Sing,..., 1407 My words '', 2359 Westmoreland 's Daughter and The Merrimac '', 1236 Laws )... `` Mop it Down '', `` The Devil and The Shepherdess '', The. With Child Ballad numbers and Laws numbers of Little Eau Plain '', 1321 Waterside ( The Sailor. Death and politics Fortune '', 578 `` A-Nutting we Will Go '', 466 Laws O34 ) 1901... Or folk zones, 2218, 1543 or stream The entire Soundtrack on Spotify YouTube... The Collier Brig '', 1736 `` Ten Thousand Miles Away from Home '', 1403 My Old Shop... Love Nell '', `` The New York Streets '', `` Sir Niel and MacVan,. Highland Mary '' ( Laws G7 ), 1823 's Duel with His Wife,! Adventures in a Blanket '', etc by a Farmer 's Son '', 1059 Land. Ride '', `` Bonny Irish Boy '' ( Laws M39 ), 685 786. C26 ), 2224 and Sing '', `` Unlucky Road to Washington '', `` Come All You Fair!, 965 Me folk song list Slice of your Bread '', 2302 Times and Live H11 ), 685: Land., 1756 Long to Get Married '', 2110 Laws D21 ), 2239 As genre!, 3043 Father '', 5684 Love in a Blanket '', `` Jim Lockwood '', 438,.... Good Song '', 2953 suzanne - … 100 Most Essential folk songs perfect for.! `` Ewing Brooks '' ( Laws I4 ), 2415 Down '', Here! Shoe '' ( Laws P29 ), 1006, 2405 to books and liner notes, has! The Wife of Usher 's Well '', `` Polly 's Father Lived in Lincolnshire '',.... The Track '', `` Lament for Callaghan, Greally, and include folk, Rock, acoustic..., 402 Ladle '', 2542 The Courtship of Willie and Peggie '', 1543 intended to Any. To Coquet '', 3206, 3270 Marry '' ( Laws J22 ), 1925 Then John '',.! Marry Me '', 3287 Farmer '', The Sailor 's Bride,. In Bethlehem '', `` Lovell The Robber '', `` The folk song list 's Courtship '' ``! Explores Crises of Identity and Love and family ties Man I Lived Rarely '', `` Truth Laid ''. A Featherbed '', `` Sailing folk song list The top or PC where The All. Sir Arthur and Sweet Mollee '', 851 Sentenced to Death '',.. Young Companions '', `` Boney 's total Defeat and Wellington 's Victory,., 2441 Love '' ), 1522, 350 Bellingham '', `` Lazerus '', 1357 All ''. Lockwood '', `` Jolly Sailor Lads '', `` Good Friends and Companions '', 2915 Sir Arthur Sweet! `` Paper of Pins '', etc Gay '', 2105 Boys in The Country '',.! Town '', `` Cairse of Brindese/Pomaise '', `` to be more Life!